Massage Therapy


Amirii Massage Therapy

Full Body Swedish Massage

60 Minutes£58

A full body Swedish massage using a prescriptive oil to relieve stress and tension. Perfect for sore tired muscles, to relieve stress and restore your body’s natural balance.

Back Neck and Shoulders Massage

30 minutes£36
45 Minutes£48

Using a Swedish massage techniques this beautiful back treatment aids relaxation, flexibility and relieves muscle tightness.

Hot Stone Back Therapy

30 minutes£41
60 minutes£66

The healing power of touch combines with the energy of the earth, in this relaxing muscle melting massage. Smooth warm stones glide across the body in long flowing strokes helping to relax the body and mind.

Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes (12 – 40 weeks)£36
60 minutes (12 – 40 weeks)£56

A gentle and relieving massage for mums to be. Take the weight off your feet and feel pampered from head to to, a blissful way to relax and indulge.


30 minutes£36
60 minutes£51

A treatment for your whole body, but just on your feet! A beautiful foot massage that taps into your energy and pressure points to rebalance your body and soul.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes £45

Using a slow firm pressure to relieve tension in the deeper muscles, great after sport or for problem areas of tension. Available on the back or legs.